Hi, I’m Mark Turnbull, author of ‘The Orlando Villa Buying and Marketing Guide’. In 2008 I took the exciting decision to Invest in a Villa in Orlando, having had a number of Fantastic Holidays in the Sunshine State! It seemed the perfect investment, all I had to do was buy it, rent it out and the Income from Rentals would be enough to pay the Bills!

The reality, however, turned out to be somewhat different. The Rental Income generated by our Villa was nowhere near enough to pay all the Bills and it seemed that there was a whole Industry in Florida that was ’Hell Bent’ on making a Living from Overseas Home Owners. As a Businessman I quickly realised that I needed to create a Marketing Plan that would allow me to turn the fortunes of the Villa around. I was very quickly able to put together a Marketing Plan for our Property; it became a system that allowed us to Generate more Rental Income for our Holiday Home.

I also realised that there were many more people out there in a similar situation to myself, so I decided to put all of my Knowledge to Good Use by writing a Guide that would help both those looking to Buy into the Orlando Property Market and also those that had already Invested in Orlando Property. I would have given anything to get my hands on the Information contained in my Guide when I was going through the Buying Process and also for when I realised that the Rental Income from my Management Company wasn’t going to be anywhere near enough to Pay all the Bills!!

If you’re from the U.K. or Canada and are considering buying into the Orlando Villa Property Market and Looking to Generate Rental Income from the Villa, I would highly recommend you read on, my Guide could save you Thousands of Dollars! If you’ve already bought in to the Market and are struggling to Generate Renal Income, I would recommend you also read on as the Marketing Ideas in my guide could help you generate Thousands of Dollars’ worth of Extra Income!

In the First chapter of my guide you'll discover:

Do you really want a Second Home in Orlando?
What you need to think about if you need a Mortgage to buy the Property!
How to find a Great Realtor and why they will be your Best Friend!
Exactly what is involved with The Buying Process, from Offer to Closing!
The Fixed Costs of Running a Second home in Orlando, discover the Costs and Expenses you’ll be committing too!
What happens if you want to sell your Property, not Straight Forward and not Cost Free!

In the Next Six Chapters you’ll Learn all of the following:

How to go about choosing the right Management Company and why you must get this right!
Exactly what Running costs are involved and how to set your Rental Rates!
How to set Rental Targets and what Records you must Keep!
How to produce a Spreadsheet to Monitor your Properties Finances!
What US Bank Account you need and How to pay your bills!
What Literature you need to provide for your Rental Home and What to Write!
What Website you need to provide and access to my Rental Website to see how it’s done!
The Secrets to Generate Fantastic Rental Income!
How to Market Your Rental Property using my Orlando Villa Marketing Guide!
The Marketing Materials you need to produce to be Successful!
How to build a Website to Generate Rentals!

In short my manual will provide you with all the information to decide if a second property in Orlando is right for you and how to be successful at Generating Rental Income for Your Holiday Home, you really CAN NOT put a Price on the Value of this information. In total my guide will provide you with in excess of 170 Pages of content Rich information, an absolute ‘Must’ for all Homeowners!

If you are seriously thinking about buying a Holiday home in Orlando, you really can’t afford to be without my Guide. There is every chance that you may lose in Excess of TWLEVE THOUSAND DOLLARS in your first year of Home Ownership, you really must have informed knowledge from somebody who has already been there and done it if you want to succeed!

The information my Guide provides you with is worth so much more than the Price I’m offering it to you at today, but as if that wasn’t enough I’m also going to throw in TWO Bonuses, completely FREE OF CHARGE!

I’m going to provide you with a copy of my Guest Welcome Book. This is the book I use in our house for the benefit of Guests staying at our Villa. The book is packed full of information for Guests staying at the Villa and is an essential tool for anybody who is looking to Generate more Rentals for their home. You are Free to copy the information contained in my book for your own Villa, although we naturally recommend you have your Management Company check your information for compatibility with their procedures.

The book took over 24 Hours to write and is an essential source of information for anybody thinking of investing in an Orlando Rental Property! You will be able to use the Book to save yourself hours of Hard Work, I’ve literally done it all for you!

I will provide you with a copy of the Spreadsheet I’ve created for use with my rental Property! The spreadsheet comes in two formats, Excel for Windows users and Numbers for Mac users. Not only does this sheet allow you to record all the necessary and important financial Information for your Year End returns, but it also has a Tab built in to work out Rental Charges and Targets.

This Spreadsheet is a must for all those wanting to own a second home in Orlando! It will make the work of recording your financial details so much easier, you won’t want to lose it once you’ve got it! This spreadsheet alone is worth the Purchase Price of the Guide!

OK, you’re probably wondering just how much I’m going to charge for a copy of my Guide? When I first wrote the guide it was planned to sell at £49.95!. This was an unbelievable Price for Information of such Value!

Then I took the decision to make this an eBook, this would allow me to save money on Printing and Postage Costs so that I was able to provide even Greater Value for those requiring the Information provided by my Guide! By providing an electronic copy of the guide I was able to pass on the Savings to my Customers and set the price for the Guide and it’s Bonuses at JUST £34.95.

For a very Limited Time, I’m giving you the unique Opportunity to purchase my Orlando Buying and Renting Guide at a specially discounted Rate!! For a limited time you can now buy a copy of my Orlando Villa Marketing Guide and the TWO FREE BONUSES for ONLY £19.95!!!

As if all of this wasn’t Fantastic enough, I’m also offering a Unique 30 Day Money back Guarantee! Yes that’s right, if you aren’t 100 Percent happy with the Standard and Quality of my guide and the Free Bonuses, I will refund you 100 Percent of YOUR MONY BACK!!


My payment will be processed in a secure payment server which ensures my 30 day guarantee - I am 100% covered

I understand that I get to keep the eBook, and all bonuses even if I request for a refund. - I have no risk in this solid investment.

P.S. Please remember, the Promotional Price of £19.95 is only available for a Limited Time. If the Promotion ends, then the price will revert back to the Normal Retail Price of £34.95. Make sure you Cash in on this Special Price immediately to avoid missing out!

P.P.S. You are Fully Protected by my FULL, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can take my entire Orlando Villa Marketing Guide for a ‘ZERO Risk, 30 Day Test Drive’! If in any way you are not satisfied with the Guide and it's Content, One Single email will get your refund processed. You also get to keep everything I have sent you including the Bonuses, no questions asked!

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